Hey! I go by The Tax Collector Man, but you can just call me Tax. I work in Public Relations, Community Management, and write loads of fiction on the side. I have three years of packed experience managing and directing the public image of a variety of events, spaces, and outlets. I’ve operated everything from large-scale communities to level design competitions, and have managed the public facing image and PR content pushes of indie development teams big and small. I’d love to continue doing these things and things like them, but for money! Food costs money, so I’m told.

That's me!

Welcome to my website! If you’re here, you probably wanna know a ‘lil about me. I’m a big horror and science fiction nerd with a major interest in the Half-Life series. When I’m not chilling, you can usually find me managing a few different communities while working on a few projects, some public and some currently under wraps. I love writing analytical (and dubiously educational) pieces about some of my favourite pieces of media. I also love writing short stories! If you want to see what I work on and what I’ve written, you’re in the right place ^v^.

I can be reached on Discord, Twitter, and even Steam, though the first two will guarantee you the quickest reply. Drop me a line, or just say hi! I’m always up to talk!


This page was made with Alpyne's Classic VGUI CSS framework, available here. Huge thanks to IntriguingTiles and Airrice for answering an embarrassing amount of my web design questions! Big thanks to Mythos, who wrote up a huge amount of HTML and CSS feedback that was invaluable to improving the site. Finally, thank you _ivybee for drawing my frog!