Short stories I’m willing to convince myself to make public! Quality varies by date. All stories are hosted off-site. This CSS is really neat, but I’m guessing you don’t want to read 2000+ words on it. I write a lot, but I’m really particular about what I show. Here are some of my favourites! This page doesn't include my narrative writing work on Arrowhead, which is available on its own page here!

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A criminal on the run in an unusual place makes a desperate bargain with a questionable ally.

Written in 2019, this is the oldest story here. The writing isn’t great, and the dialogue is abysmal, but I’m still thinking about the setting years later, which is a decent enough argument for its preservation here. My brain nags me to continue this story a lot. Maybe one day I will?

PUMPKIN (2020)

On Halloween night, one man starts to become uneasy about a pumpkin he purchased on a whim.

Written and edited in two hours on Halloween night! This one came right out in a way I wish I could replicate. One of my weaknesses is buildup--I’m a lot like a reader who just can’t wait until shit goes sideways--but I managed to restrain myself for long enough here. It’s a personal favourite of mine.


At the end of his rope, a man dedicates himself to a Sisyphean plunge into the madness within 527 authentic Chinese fortune cookies.

Written over a few days based on a prompt I wish I could remember. An interesting case where I’ve had some readers call it a comedy and other, completely separate readers call it a straight-up horror story. Read it and come to your own conclusion, I guess!

The Half-Life Creature Ranking Project (2019-2020)

Explorations of Half-Life’s creature design, iteration, and development history with a good dose of comedy.

Totalling close to 10k words, these articles cover a few used and unused classic aliens from the series. Originally intending to cover 100+ different subjects, it was deemed too much work to continue on top of my other projects. On indefinite hold!

BOREAL ALYPH - 2020 UPDATE SERIES (2020, surprisingly)

Written to accommodate Boreal Alyph’s 2020-2021 update series, this Medium article is geared towards updating people on the progress of the game while diving a bit into our philosophy as a team.


Written for the announcement of Arrowhead, this Medium article is geared towards introducing people to the core premise of the game while updating them on over half a year of progress across multiple aspects of the project, all while encouraging people to join our team.